Over the last week, you may have come across some negative and baseless attacks against me. I recently learned that this group is under investigation for breaking campaign laws. It saddens me that some in Scottsdale politics are sinking to a new low.

As a community, we should demand better.

You have my promise that Linda Milhaven will continue to run a positive campaign. You will see Linda Milhaven continue to work together to preserve what makes Scottsdale special. You will see Linda Milhaven continue to build a bright future in a civil and positive manner.

In my 30 years as a Scottsdale community banker, integrity has always been important to me, and it has been one of the hallmarks of my service on the City Council.

Because of that integrity, Linda Milhaven, the person and the city council woman has earned countless endorsements of well-respected organizations and individuals from all corners of our community.

My message hasn’t changed, no matter who tries to tear down our neighborhoods.

Linda Milhaven will work for Scottsdale to make government more efficient, delivering value for your tax dollars and support a flourishing local economy.

Please stand with me, Linda Milhaven, and help me spread the word that there is no place for ugly, vulgar, baseless attacks in Scottsdale government.

Thank you for your support and look I look forward to continuing to represent you on the City Council.