The Scottsdale Independent is running a series on local politics. We’ll share some of Linda’s answers from the series in the weeks to come.

Scottsdale Independent: What do you believe to be the No. 1 threat to the quality of life experienced by those who call Scottsdale home?

Councilwoman Linda Milhaven: The quality of our infrastructure and the quality of city services are two of the most important things that contribute to our quality of life. To maintain these, we need a robust local economy. We must balance all that makes Scottsdale special so that people will want to live, work and play in Scottsdale.

Millions of tourists visit us every year and tens of thousands of people travel to Scottsdale to work. These folks spend money here and contribute to the sales tax revenues that pay for our roads, parks, libraries, police, fire and so many other things we enjoy. Sales tax revenue makes up almost 50 percent of our General Fund revenues.

Without this balance between the business community and the residents, we would need to do without or find other sources of revenue to support what we have come to expect. A strong robust local economy is critical to our quality of life.
Scottsdale Independent: If elected, what do you intend to do about it?

Councilwoman Linda Milhaven: My first priority has always been, and will continue to be, the financial strength of the city.
I will continue my work to make government efficient, to encourage business growth and to create new jobs. A strong local economy keeps our sales and property taxes among the lowest in the region, while helping to pay for the high-quality services that we all enjoy.

All this means that economic development is critical to our future success. I will continue to promote private investment and respond to changing trends. I will support high-quality development that is sensitive to neighbors and brings people and jobs to Scottsdale.