About those yellow and black signs…

As a young girl, I was taught that “I am the friends I keep”. As I get older, I learn that I am also defined by the people who don’t agree with me.

You may have seen the yellow and black signs posted around town. Some are confused by these signs. Let me clarify. I did not put up these signs. Although these signs are meant to persuade you not to vote for me, I could not be more proud. Strong leaders take a clear stand. Strong leaders get things done. Strong leaders draw fire. I must be effective and making a difference for these folks to invest so much money to campaign against me.

Yes. I approved some multi-family residential developments in the southern part of our community. These units are drawing top dollar rents. People are moving to our downtown and creating a vibrancy and sense of place that makes downtown special. Home values in south Scottsdale are appreciating almost twice as much as the rest of our City. Increasingly, businesses are looking to locate in downtown Scottsdale. Apartments are attracting people downtown and contribute to the new found vibrancy of downtown.

Yes. I approved several restaurant and bar licenses. Old tired buildings in our downtown are being torn down and new high end restaurants are being built in their place. Tourists and residents are drawn to this area. The new establishments need liquor licenses to operate and I support them. Some multi-family residential is being built in the entertainment district turning a tired area of modest office buildings into a vibrant, downtown, walkable neighborhood.

Yes. I support improving our transportation system and creating better connections to the regional transportation system. In the short run, this means better bus and trolley service. Might this mean light rail? Maybe. If we want light rail, we are 20 years away and have much work to do. We will need a vote of the people. We will need to obtain federal and county money. This is a big challenge that will take community support and a lot of time. Ultimately it will be up to the residents and voters in Scottsdale to decide, not your city council. Any argument to the contrary is simply unrealistic.

No. I have not raised your taxes. During my time on the City Council, we have not raised your taxes. In fact, your property taxes were raised for 16 straight years during one of the greatest economic boom times of our generation long before I ever joined the council. When times got tough, I did not raise your taxes.

Yes. I am the friends I keep . . . and I am proud to draw the disapproval of those who prefer to do nothing. I prefer to look to the future with optimism. Create a vision and work toward making that vision a reality. I hope that you will allow me to continue to work on your behalf. Vote Linda Milhaven on Tuesday, August 26th.


Linda Milhaven